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Re: Furthur Summer Tour Travel Analysis

#10706 3 years, 6 months ago
You won't need a banner, we'll post exactly where we'll be setting up, and there will be so many of us you won't miss us, hell you get that many accquainted DEAD Heads together and all hell will be breaking out at a semi-controlled level. But we'll look into a flag we've done a flag every year. And every year it get bigger and better.
My favorite show, is the next one!
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Re: Furthur Summer Tour Travel Analysis

#10719 3 years, 6 months ago
Ya know, when you look at this I wonder even more about the argument about the west coast date being too spread out... The Dead put together a great west coast tour in 2004:
Chula Vista
Salt Lake City
The Gorge(Wa.)

Why can't they do that again!?!?!?!

You could substitute The Gorge for Maymoor(or do both!), substitute Vancouver(WA.) for Portland, add Eugene, Bend (www.bendconcerts.com/location.html ), Spokane, JacksonvilleOR. ( www.brittfest.org/aboutbritt ) and you could have drive times under 2 hours for most of the tour.

Again, tour bookers are just plain lazy & have $$$$ as the #1 priority...

(The new Vancouver, Wa. venue is 20 miles north of Portland and is a Alpine Valley style venue. Most summer tours are hitting it now.. www.sleepcountryamphitheater.com/ )
Bend, Or. has an amazing outdoor venue too- www.bendconcerts.com/location.html

I believe the reason the numbers have been low on the west coast is because the tours have been put together HORRIBLY!!! Terrible tour planning out here. You've got to string shows together with some fluidity and ease for fans. The argument about venues/cities being too spread out is total bullshit. If the concert promoter/booker/manager does the research that a 12 year old could do, they could put together a tour that would gain HUGE momentum and get a HUGe following.... They just haven't put the effort in out here, plain and simple.
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Re: Furthur Summer Tour Travel Analysis

#10728 3 years, 6 months ago
flag works i will def try for those tixs tomorrow
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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