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Re: avoiding herbal odor

#104968 2 years, 9 months ago
alright well you get a vaccum sealer like used for packaging meat and first vaccum seal the buds in it. After you seal it wash your hands(with soap) and then fully dip the sealed bag in rubbing alcohol. dry, then put lavender in with the already sealed bag and run that through the vaccum sealer once again. so you have a sealed bag a layer of lavender and then another sealed bag with the buds in it. the most important part is to make sure you dont touch the outside of the bag when you have been handling the stuff because that makes the effort to mask the smell inside totally pointless and dont store it with pipes or any other paraphenilia that has had contact with herb. Obviously you have to go through this every time you open it to keep it effective. Im sure there are other methods but this should be pretty safe, I have known people who just vaccum sealed once and alcohol dipped over a oz and k9 did not smell it when they circled the car. But this is more reliable and often used by people who ship big weight throught the mail. never can be too safe
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