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Terrapin Sedation
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Re: Official Furthur Board NYE Meetup

#104098 2 years, 9 months ago
Somebody has got to youtube that Golden Arrow Tour for us suckers back east.

Re: Official Furthur Board NYE Meetup

#104100 2 years, 9 months ago
First of all, anyone named Lefty is alright with me.

Second, the subtle reference to A Clockwork Orange is much appreciated.

Third, Pliny the Elder rocks.

and fourth... Happy freakin' New Year!!!!!!

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Re: Official Furthur Board NYE Meetup

#104384 2 years, 9 months ago
wlewis wrote:
ablebaker--the golden arrow is alex's motor home. a bunch of us traveled with him on the west coast tour in it. he's hosting a bring your own of whatever floats your boat tour around the city on the motorhome from 1-4 on friday. to say it will be a blast is an understatement. don't need anything to board but some love for your brothers and sisters. i will be outside the civic center at grove/polk intersection each day from 12:30-1. i cannot guarantee any composure but i will be awake and down there. we could all meet up then maybe grab a bite to eat, have a beer, take a walk and get lifted, you know whatever. i am staying right around the corner. i figure it is the most central and easiest spot for everybody to meet up. we could also host post show meet ups in the same spot for people who want to party or do whatever. i will try to make a sign that says furthur forum or something along those lines. can't guarantee because i'm coming from out of town but hey, a little tour ingenuity can make it happen

fuck wasn't done.

amusing deva--i do have your number we'll be in touch

Thank you so much I will look for you guys
Ablebaker out
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Re: Official Furthur Board NYE Meetup

#104391 2 years, 9 months ago
Looks like I will have 2 extras for each night. Would love to sell all 6 tickets in one shot and would sell all 6 at face value only ($370) which saves about $85. Also willing to sell tickets individually but if going for just New Years Eve I would kindly ask for face plus fees ($92 a piece). The other 2 nights are not sold out (yet) so I would sell those individually for face value ($55 a piece). If interested please PM me here (I think PMs also go to my email account). We will be in SF Thursday morning and could meet wherever. Thanks a lot and safe travels to all.

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Re: Official Furthur Board NYE Meetup

#104726 2 years, 9 months ago
Lefty wrote:
My droogs and I will be at the Toronado on Haight for a bit of the moloko plus. Great beers (Pliny the Elder) and a killer jukebox + prefunk NYE 29/30/31. Place to share goodies and make friends , too.

heynow, Cool. Looking forward to meeting you's good forum folks. We'll be wearing tie-dyed shirts. Seriously but not serious... will look for the Colorado flag and wlewis's guitar. Used to live in Boulder so's know the flag. Good times!

"So glad you made it!"
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Re: Official Furthur Board NYE Meetup

#104824 2 years, 9 months ago
Hello everyone, names Adam the 30th will be my first furthur show and first time into the bay area! Very excited to be apart of something as beautiful as the furthur community. Been a true fan ever since my dad had me sit down and listen to the Europe 72 vinyls with him. I'll be arriving into San Fran around noon tomorrow from flagstaff. Will look forward to meeting up with everyone outside of the show before hand. I'll have a green dancing bears headband on. In need of a tour guide around the city before the show so if anyones up for some adventure with a Binghamton born dude Lemmy know. Peace and much Love to my fellow brothers and sisters.
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