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where does the time go?

#103512 2 years, 9 months ago
jeez 45 days ago i was ripping the hair out of my head with excitement for NYE..didn't think this time would ever come..

it's the week...tomorrow night i'm heading out for dinner with my folks and then taking off in the morning for SF..

it's going to be a magical weekend, can't wait to spend it with ya'll that will be there and those that aren't in spirit.

well, i guess it's off to the office to put in as much time as i can within the next 2 days.

a little NYE for everybody from days passed

who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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will work for doses
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I am Lobar speaking to you from the future

Re: where does the time go?

#103513 2 years, 9 months ago
aahhhhhh, the new years shows. Haven't been in a long time. I'll spare you the stories because there are many.
Ok, just one....my first New Years was 1984. None of the shows were particularly great, and a huge bummer ensued when Steve Parish lost his wife and daughter in a car accident (yeah, everyone knows that). It was my first trip to S.F. and I had just about as much fun making my first trip to the Haight. It was like making a pilgrimage (I've always been into history).

I hope all of you making it to BGCC enjoy the shows immensely. The way Furthur has been playing this year I can see great potential for some killer gigs.
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Re: where does the time go?

#103523 2 years, 9 months ago
man new years is soooo much fun aw shit just a few more days
It never got weird enough for me -Hunter S.
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