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Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103333 2 years, 10 months ago
Who has their tickets? I clicked the link on the home page and I seen there is a couple of different options to order them? How should I go about doing it? I opened the mail order instructions but just didnt bother to read it quite yet. Figured I would wait until after the holidays when I have the funds to buy them. Anyways.. has anyone bought their tickets yet? What is the best way to go about doing it? I didnt see any third party ticketing like ticketmaster... which is GREAT might I add!

Anyways.. so 1st Bank center. Anyone been there? I personally havnt but a few friends of mine have. My buddy has a theory of that place as a whole. He thinks they built the place to throw big shows at so they can keep a good eye on "the scene" and bust kids. He got popped there last year for Furthur while he was standing in the crowd. He said there was "heddy feddies" all over the damn place. cops with dreadlocks and crystal wire wraps. LOL! They have a jail in the basement of the venue where he said he was placed with hundreds of other dead heads until they could transport them to jail for the weekend until they could see a judge on monday.
Im sure many of you have been there and know but I figured while were on the topic I would mention it. I never worry about any of that cuz the most I will ever have on me is a little medicine to smoke on in the show. trying to sell anything in the lot always sketches me out, even if its not illegal! lol.

SO be careful family! And I will see yall in broomfield for phil.. scofield.. warren.. jackie.. RUSSO..! and Jeff! If I can figure out this ticket thing. LOL.. OOOOO WEE wata lineup!!!!!!!
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Re: Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103336 2 years, 10 months ago
I got my tickets during the internet pre-sale, but that ended Dec. 1. If you go to the venue's website, 1stbankcenter.com/events/index.php?page=2#page you can just click to buy tickets. I went with GA Floor for the first two nights and GA Lower Bowl for the last night, thinking I may be tired and wanting a place to sit for part of the last show. See you there!
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Re: Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103362 2 years, 10 months ago
So is the whole venue general admission? Am I understanding this right? That actually makes a last minute decision a tad easier.

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Re: Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103369 2 years, 10 months ago
It seems the floor and back seats are GA. The right and left perimeter is assigned seats. HHMMMM, last minute decision to attend. sounds like a great idea Sue. There are seats and GA available all nights.
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Re: Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103401 2 years, 10 months ago
i have not bought my tix yet but my hotel and flight are secured. i actually have room in hotel if anyone is looking for accomodations. feel free to PM me. anyways, i'm not too worried about the tickets i have a strong feeling the place will not sell out. i've been onto tickethorse but i really don't like the idea that they want an additonal 5 bucks for every ticket if you want a paper copy rather than electronic admittance. i'm just going to hold off. i have friends who live in the immediate area who can always go to the venue and grab them for me too. i have a feeling someone will have an entire set come closer because someone bailed. i have no problem with face value, i just hate to give these companies anymore money than they deserve for a freakin' ticket.

venue is chill. very cool parking lot scene for furthur, i didn't encounter any police but i don't spend the majority of my time there anymore either. don't remember walking in if it was tough to stash or not. i got in with bud everynight, never had a problem puffing. i did notice some security walking around but i don't know that situation your friend got into KIND doesn't sound like anything i've ever heard about the venue. i'm sure they've got some sort of holding cell for people but hundreds of heads behind held all weekend?
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Re: Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103434 2 years, 10 months ago
I have been to MANY shows there beyond Furthur and have never seen anything like what you describe, not to say it isn't true but, you know, trouble can follow you if you put yourself in that position i suppose. I've smoked joints right next to the event staff. Again, I'm sure some staff are more laid back than others but in general that place is super chill. I personally love the 1st Bank.

It is GA floor and GA bowl in the back and reserved bowl towards the front.
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Re: Phil & Friends @ 1st bank

#103924 2 years, 10 months ago

I've been there, it was chill, I was not in a position to know otherwise however....I just walked in, had ticket scanned, hard ticket, and went right in, about 3 songs in, to 3.6.10. I had no cash for the parking, therefore to the convenience store ATM i went.....shoulda known better...missed the 3 songs to open. Great energy to first set. Good sound, great crowd, good band listening and playing I thought.

I would encourage you to listen to what you're feeling while you're in there. Pay attention to your gut and the folks around you. You'll be alerted if something changes that you need to know about. And if it doesn't feel right, leave the area for a bit, and come back after bit. No harm in taking a break from a bad environment. CO in general is not a bad environment, nor the front range, save for a 2-3 bad mental environments, and you can feel those out easily enough, to know where they are, and if you want to tolerate abiding in them for very long, or not. Boulder not a fun environment in town, somedays. And CO Springs, same, if not more so, anecdotally. Other than that, and even in those places, people are pretty considerate and helpful, here as everywhere, even today. People help one another on the road, in accidents, in situations where CPR is needed etc. They just do, I don't see that stopping.

My impression of CO and the Front Range scene is that it is clearly tolerated, part. considering the amt. of $ involved. The hijinks are tolerated and the fans and the inevitable few getting out of hand. The stuff above getting wasted and some vending, perhaps is not tolerated. Though, try enforcing it, with approx. 6-8k capacity at the 1st bank.

The Heat
In 2010, they were not undercover, nor really seen in the crowd, on the floor. There probably were more in 2011 though, they stay abreast of what is coming into what venue and staff accordingly, thats nothing new here or elsewhere.
Worry about it, no. They were there, but they were tame, and overall friendly, and few and far between. The most I saw them was with the lights on as you came in, and then as you left, and it was damn cold that night.

The Security
They were also there, and this was my observation: in front of us, they pushed through the crowd, ahead of us, which was about 5-10 "rows" on the floor in front of the soundboard, directly in front of Phil, to bust someone for something. They were however shining the flashlight on the person's waist, from a ways off, so to have missed a flashlight on person being observed......you'd think that would be hard to miss.

I thought they were overly aggressive pushing and slamming through the crowd like that, and why is it always these meathead looking 'roid rage fellas that they hire for security? Saw it once at a Buddy Guy show too. And a Maceo Parker opening set for DMB. But, overall, the vibe reigns supreme. And guys like that, even on security, in a crowd like that, don't blend in. First of all, they are under 6 ft tall usually, and about 230 lbs +. They stand out. And People there are legit and look out for you.

Example, that night, for me, if you wanted to make it to just behind the rail, you easily could have, not that the band would've really noticed you, these guys are quite focused on listening and playing and being in the moment. But the crowd watches out for you, and tries to be considerate, even on the Frenetic Front Range and even the event staff, i found, in the same uniform as the aforementioned meathead ex wrestler, to have been thoughtful, and considerate.

All that said, there will be the usual contingent of young'uns there who likely will be in it for the party only, and could care less about you. Plus the usual 5-10% of the crowd who, with means or not, will attempt to use those around them, if given the chance, the strong attempt to dominate the weak. Until they cannot.

Dont' do anything stupid, rash, or too silly, or reckless, for yourself or others, and you have nothing to even think about. Same as anywhere else. The basement thing could be an adjacent building, I have a hard time believing there is a big open area under that place. It sounds like some puffed rave someone repeated, Broomfield is the city that will be hosting it.

They're not perfect, but I would prefer them over DPD or some place out near Denver Intl Airport/DIA or Co. Springs for example. Also, the grace, mod. amenities, parking, and ease of access, by bus, car, or ride share to get to First Bank, not to mention the 5X capacity, makes me glad that Phil fell in love with the 1st Bank center, because the Phillmore on Colfax would be an easy show to just skip, for the drive alone, or the 1.5 hour bus trip from up the turnpike for me. These shows should be fun, and mostly full houses. Even Sunday.

See you there.

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