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Re: Furthur Shows by State

#11337 3 years ago
I guess they figured out that Florida is really just a far-flung extention of NY/NJ!!!! Thank you, Furthur, for not forgetting about us down here!!!!
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Re: Furthur Shows by State

#11338 3 years ago
johnnyhub wrote:
By the way..

NYC > Boca Raton is 1300 miles

...and tour they just did

Los Angeles > Seattle is 1000 miles

...why is the argument against this possibility gas prices!?!?!? They just did a 1300 mile tour down the east coast

They could tour the entire west coast in 300 less miles........


Hi! Do you know how many shows they did within each of those distances?
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Re: Furthur Shows by State

#11364 3 years ago
CHI Needs to be concerd a stop evertime. All of the mid west can gather. (I don't live in IL)
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Re: Furthur Shows by State

#11411 3 years ago
New York City > Binghamton, NY - 180
Binghamton, NY > Pittsburgh, PA - 344
Pittsburgh, PA > Hampton, VA - 414
Hampton, VA > Charleston, SC - 450
Charleston, SC > Atlanta, GA - 345
Atlanta, GA > Orlando, FL - 444
Orlando, FL > Boca Raton, FL - 200

7 shows down the East coast in 1300 miles

HERE is a west coast tour:

San Diego > Los Angeles - 122
Los Angeles > Santa Barbara - 95
Santa Barbara > San Fransisco - 302
San Fransisco > Jacksonville, OR - 366
Jacksonville, OR > Eugene, OR - 165
Eugene, OR > Seattle - 283
Seattle > Gorge -140
Gorge > Boise, ID -375
Boise > Alta, WY - 350
Alta, WY > Salt Lake City - 290
Salt Lake City > Las Vegas - 420 (yes, 420 miles!!!!)

With a grand finale in Las Vegas (Then the boys have a short drive back home to rest!)

Now there is a west coast tour. 12 shows...

Then do a winter SW tour- (NM, AZ, TX, AL, ending in New Orleans!)

That would get road trippers out!! A gorgeous tour up the west coast, then a killer SW tour in the nice winter heat!

Anyone up for that!? All in favor say "I"!
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Re: Furthur Shows by State

#11433 3 years ago
Two things:
You're forgetting parts (important ones, like NYC and Philly) of the east coast tour.
Also, how well do you think Furthur would do on that "hypothetical" West coast tour? Financially appetizing?
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Re: Furthur Shows by State

#11484 3 years ago
it'd b hard to please everyone.

my wish list includes more than one night at each venue, but I'm very happy just to b seeing some shows.

Hurry up, Summer!!!
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