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Grateful Dead hour heard last night

#103000 2 years, 10 months ago
Very strange but pleasant experience last night. I walk into the bedroom to say hi to my cat (Jerry Garcia), whom I leave the radio on for, and all of a sudden hear this familiar sequence of chords, and do a wtf? This was just after midnight on a local public radio station, WFUV. They'd been playing Christmas music, but this familiar song I soon realized was the version of The Same Thing on the album Historic Dead. What a happy surprise to find the Grateful Dead hour on a local station.

Anyway, David Gans mentioned this version had been given to him by Dick Latvala, and it was from a show in '67. I swear it was the version on Historic Dead (I have a real good ear for this sort of thing). I have no reason to doubt David or Dick (RIP) but I think I'm right here, which would have made this from Avalon Ballroom '66
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