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redhead deadhead
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JMHO about the Gorge.

#10297 3 years ago
I keep seeing hopeful wishing for some Gorge shows;and I have to say "I hope not."
Yes,it's a stunning vista,however:
-It's in the middle of NOWHERE
-The concessions suck
-the Lawn is too steep,deep,wide and far from stage
-The entire venue is hard to get around
-some genius put the restrooms way stage right making for a winding up or down-hill bottleneck
-if you're lucky enough to get a seat in the pavilion you get a metal folding chair
-12 dollar beers 6 dollar h2o
-surly if not downright stupid staff and security

Any thoughts? YMMV.
the highway terror
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we gonna stay here til we soothe our souls

Re: JMHO about the Gorge.

#10300 3 years ago
I wish all the ampitheaters could be like blossom
it's nice, lots of trees in the back, free water at the fountains lots of room and a nice looking pavillion
I hope Furthur comes this summer
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skidoo, skidoo.....ski-doo doo doodlie doo doo doo

Re: JMHO about the Gorge.

#10309 3 years ago
you're right of course........but something about the chaos is endearing....i'm thinking right now about the time i saw local security dude "solar" cooking a can of dinty moore beef stew on the hot tarmac in july
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Re: JMHO about the Gorge.

#10330 3 years ago
The Gorge is not my favorite, for the above reasons mostly (I don't care about the beer). I hope they can find someplace smaller/better for Washington (I do think they will play there in the fall....?)
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