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#102945 2 years, 10 months ago
Hey everyone hope every is having a Very Merry Christmas Eve! I was just wandering what its like in colorado. Next year i might be going to college in Greely Colorado at UNCO. A huge reason i want to go to Colorado is based off the music scene and alll the good bands lol hit Colorado. From what ive heard boulder, Ft Collins Breckenridge and all those places are packed with deadheads... is this true? Also if anyone has done alot of hiking/skiing i need to know where the best places are. Thanks everyone any Colorado info is much appreciated... cheers Dan
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Re: Colorado

#102964 2 years, 10 months ago
First, I hope you'd pick a school that was best for what you plan to study, and not based on geographic location. However if you're going to school at Greely, I can tell you as a former Coloradoan that it's a great state. I can't attest to Greely being a good town, but I did live in Ft. Collins for a while and Denver for about 8 years.

True, there are a lot of Dead Heads in CO. Last I knew Colorado has more micro breweries than any state in the country. There is such an abundance of great things to do if you live there, although Greely is a little removed from the mountains, which is where the real fun is. As far as skiing, A Basin is my favorite, but Winter Park and Breckenridge are also great. Loveland is the closest ski area to Denver (right off I-70) and is pretty good also.

As far as music you can count on Furthur playing Red Rocks, because it is everything you've heard it is. Denver is certainly a hot town for live music. I think it's a good test for singers due to the altitude.
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