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#102886 2 years, 10 months ago

oh yeah

dig that mountain jam tease during alligator...heavy shit...

you can tell how much the band has evolved since these performances
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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#102892 2 years, 10 months ago
Thank you for puttin this up lewis. I wanted to hear this show. I love the Golden rd. Im gonna check out the mt jam in alligator....but i gotta have a small disc with you about jk's voice. Why the heck does he do the singing on this song. Phil, even bob, would sound good. Im not going to say better, cause he sounds horrible, absolutely terrible ! I like his guitar playing alot, but this is not a hard song, sounds like hes trying too hard to sound good and straining his voice, why strain on such an easy flowing vocal as Alligator. Its fun to sing. Does he have strep throat or bronchitis? If not, they should seriously consider not letting Pigpens more famous songs ever be disrespected like that again. I love Alligator !! I dont hate jk. Im insulted by the crappiness of his voice on such a kick ass song.
You're the music guru ...or atleast as far as setlists and shows go. Im not sure how smart you are when it comes to hearing a WONDERFUL Pigpens voice and hearing jk, not EVEN CLOSE to good. Im not expecting Pigpen, but come on, show some respect and if you dont sound good at all, dont sing it. As the beastie boys say...PASS THE MIC !
I was listening to the beginning of Alligator and really love the music. Jk was flowin with Phil (sounding awesome), bobby, and the drummer. Then he started singing and the joy wilted like a rose flower in El Paso in August. It died! It seriously sounded like some random old drunk guy stumbled on stage and jumped on the mic. Thats really not good. This is a song that actually now that i think of it....SUNSHINE and jeff should sing...that would sound great...more sunshine than jeff, but that would be good. He sounds like shit on this song.....tell me he had a cold Lewis. Tell me that Sunshine wouldnt sound really good. Im not trying to be mean....ive been made mean and it wwas mean to have to hear one of my favorite songs arranged with a singer that isnt a singer. Why would you have jk sing that song when Sunshine is standing on the same stage with a mic..."Sleepy aliigator coming around the bend." SHE WOULD SOUND DOPE !!!! Am i being mean by saying that? Its an obvious musical observation. Lewis, you can spot a mountain jam tease in the middle of a song....but can you notice the vocals being butchered as well? Thats really obvious! Maybe the obvious doesnt matter to people anymore cause they are looking for the silver lining and the hidden meaning in everything. I let the silver lining come to me and enjoy the obvious.
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