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Masters: Garcia's Up, Weir's Sunk

#10270 3 years ago
Garcia and Weir on the PGA...that one never gets old!!!!

So let's hear some good stories...

Vegas '95...walking through the MGM and other casinos, overrun by heads. About once an hour, there would be a page over the intercom 'Mr Weir, Mr Bob Weir, please come to the reception Desk, Mr Weir, Please come to the reception desk'...and the whole place would just errupt. I always figured it'd be tough to pull off paging for 'Mr Garcia' while the Dead were in town...
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Re: Masters: Garcia's Up, Weir's Sunk

#10288 3 years ago
garcia used to check into hotels under assumed names so he wouldn't be bothered
I hear thet black jack was one of his favorites
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