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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102171 2 years, 10 months ago
Great opinion written there octangle! I enjoyed reading it!

I do have a question, you took a lot of time comparing John to Jerry. How do you feel about Billy and Mickey? You stated that "I feel in my heart of hearts that this band is by far the best thing we in the Dead musical universe have had since 1995."

Do you think Joe Russo lives up to what they gave to the Dead or do you think Furthur would be a lot better with Billy and Mickey instead of Joe?

Just curious how you feel about the other remaning members of the Grateful Dead.
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102173 2 years, 10 months ago
Everyone in Furthur is there for a reason.

JK is amazing
Russo is a beast
Jeff C is EPIC on the keys

Sunshine is a fog light of positive energy, and Jeff P helps round out some of the singing.....filling the air with music.

We will always have a preference and like stated above to each their own, but I feel that this current line up is perfect for the times.

However in my own self serving opinion: I feel that they should have a "Furthur & Friends" 2-3 shows each tour to keep it fresh and allow Phil to recharge with Phriends and Bob to bark.

Furthermore allowing JK to jam with legends he deserves it!

I will take my response off air lol

Just my thoughts, not demands.
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102179 2 years, 10 months ago
You've touched on something that i've often though about this band. This is basically why ive been wanting a space segment incorporated into Furthurs concert repertoire. I would like at least one spot where everyone can let go and just truely 100% jam out on whatever they feel like. Which just doesn't happen with this band. Yea they can jam out they end of Estimated Prophet for 5-10 minutes but its within the pre-reherst structure of the song. I almost want them to bring back the 1967 SF days because these guys all have the chops to jam like that, but their holding back, they don't want to take that chance.
Still, just like the OP says...still the best post GD band.
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102184 2 years, 10 months ago
My two cents has been pretty much covered in the first post and subsequent posts.

I agree that John should be 'unleashed.' Yet some others have noted that GD took awhile to get to that glorious improvisation-exploration that they became known for. I see that happening with Furthur. They are getting there while I do kind of hear transitional jams as being somewhat rehearsed. If, please God let us hope, they continue then they will get there.

The Zappa reference is illuminating and instructive. Zappa was the dictator and insisted that his band be able to nail songs down and become a train wreck of sloppiness. Yet there was room for improve and stretching too. The GD could get sloppy as we know. I think Furthur wants to nail some things down and then get the improv. I see and hear that happening and in time they may reach the lofty highs of GD at their best.
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102287 2 years, 10 months ago
Thanks to everyone who's read this and double thanks to those who have posted! It is a good discussion and it is great to hear your thoughts.

FurthurFlower67: Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate them. To answer your questions:

I dig this whole band! Jeff is spectacular, he does it all: a light sweet touch on the ballads, serious rock and roll when called for, amazing solos (see Eyes) and the good ol' rockin' organ jam! Love him.

John, as I've said in my original post, is, imho, the right man for the job, and that pretty much says it all. Big shoes to fill, not just musically, but spiritually and mentally. He knows how to channel this whole love thing we have for Jerry and Jerry's music without it tripping up his ego, and as I've said, I feel he comes more and more into his own and sounds more and more like himself at every show. Love him.

And Joe, the one you really asked about. Joe ROCKS! I think he is a monster! I jokingly tell my friends at shows, "Joe Russo is the hardest working man in Rock n Roll!" because that's how it seems to me. He is back there just working it for every minute they are onstage, amazing. King Solomon's! Terrapin Flyer! Love him.

Yes, I like the singers being there too. They add beauty.

So how do I feel about Bill and Mickey not being in the band? Well, in a lot of ways I guess I feel it really isn't my business. These guys are family and family goes through good times and bad times and only those in the family can really know what it is all about. We all know from our own lives that you don't spend the same amount of time with some of your friends as you did many years ago. Our lives go in different directions. Do I think they would be better with them? I don't even want to go there. Furthur is great and Joe is their drummer. Bill and Mickey are great, I hope they are loving all the stuff that they are doing.

scar1et_f1re: Thank you for your thoughtful post. I very much agree on the predictability of many of The Dead's setlists. It is kind of a funny irony: because they didn't have a set list and could do anything, they fell into easy ruts. We all remember the whole is it Estimated Eyes tonight? Or Playin Uncle John's? lol Also looking for our shoes during another US Blues encore! But then there was all the back and forth, what is next energy in their jams, as I said in the original post. As many have pointed out in this thread, it is important to remember that it is all good. I love the thing about the veterans on a sports team. They are passing the torch to a younger generation and Furthur will get better and better the longer they play. (Please Goddess, let this last!)

Enough yacking for now. Thanks again everybody! Oh, and you folks going to New Year's, Yay for you! Dance your asses off and have the time of your lives, yet again!
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102297 2 years, 10 months ago
Isn't there an assumption being made as to his level of freedom? That is- that it is largely not democratic? I hear all the time that JK's "On a leash" but to date no tangible proof if it exists. While the GD professed of a no leader band set up, in fact, one might argue Garcia was the dictator. He was the one everyone lisnted to and took guidance from.

You need to prove the level of freedom, or lack thereof.
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102320 2 years, 10 months ago
It is Bob and Phil's thing true, but it would be nice to let the other three do some improv sometimes. I would really like to hear them jam out, I wonder how different it would be with John leading.
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Re: True Musical Democracy

#102362 2 years, 10 months ago
What I saw in Indy was as close to a Furthur Democracy as possible and out of my 30 some shows JK'S confidence as a "full fledged" member was just dynamic to say the least. He will never be the greatest player, but he's NOT there for that. He's there to be a part of something greater than his ego and most other guitar players have HUGE egos. ( Im in several bands ). I have personally met John and my take is that he is just happy to be a part of this wonderful oneness. He went to over 60 shows watching Jerry play and doing EXACTLY what we all do. Phil is the defacto "jam leader" as Jerry said it himself many times about that aspect of the GD, that Phil was absolutely the key to getting them to the right place at the right time. St. Augustine July 30th for me was an example of that during Help<Slip<Playin"< Franklins when he was shaking his head in amazement at his being able to keep the flow smooth and PERFECT! Bobby and Joe just shrugged it off like "I dunno" and as soon as Franklins' ended Bobby gave Phil a shoulder slap in appreciation for his wonderment of keeping it together and SMOOTH. I personally agree with your point of this post but my belief that this is going to "Feature" Bob and Phil until its over and lets hope we have THOUSANDS of more shows before that sad day arrives but reality says another thing due to "Father Time". Hope I made a positive contribution to your thread!
On a side note, Furthur Flower, Mickey's and Billy's bands are good but Furthur is NOT their calling although we ALL sure would love a sit in and I am hoping that happens in 2012. I saw The Dead 2 years ago and I LOVE Warren but they cant hold a candle to what Furthur is laying down. For the sake of the name and nostalgia it was cool but NOTHING as good as Furthur, at least for me.
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