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furthur proof that im still grateful

#10117 3 years, 6 months ago
yeah in 95 i was one of the lot rats who went for the drugs, or the party, or whatever, barely knew the songs on skeletons from the closet. but that summer, or small part there of, changed my life, for the better. In 96 I was so bummed that something so special that i had got to get a glimpse of was, in effect, over. i didnt do further 96, and further 97 sucked(crows should not have been on the bill), 98 brought some of the magick back, if you were at alpine you know. its been hit or miss since then, and i became a "bobby kid" seeing ratdog whenever, and however i could, and i saw some amazing shows. I learned that there is a place for a sax in a rock band. and Wassy, blew my mind in new and beatiful ways. well, since then, i went to otherones/dead/etc. shows with the hit or miss attitude.
ok, point of the post is coming i promise, i feel It comeing back. you know what i mean. i have seen furthur only once, nye 09-10, the last one with jay on drums. and they were ok, but like i said hit or miss. the 30th, was a hit. cant wait to see what the future holds for these guys cause, no matter what they decide to do as long as they are still having fun playing with each other, im still having fun dancing to it.
(BIG UPS TO ScAT dIgI, aRian, k-LO, lARK, jENNY jENNKINS, and everyone else spending their hard earned money keeping this thing rolling just alil bit furthur than we done b-4) love and light to all, or else.
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