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Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#100703 2 years, 10 months ago
So recently I've been watching random video clips and interviews of the Dead on youtube and I came across an interview of Branford Marsalis right after Jerry Garcia died. In the interview he talks about his thoughts on deadheads and how they would come to his shows after seeing him open up for the Dead. Later on he brings up a performance that he did to open up for the Dead on New Year's Eve in 1990. Marsalis formed a band along with Kevin Eubanks called the X-Men and played some pretty fantastic jazz fusion. I searched for a recording and the performance is really cool. Here's a link for anyone interested:


Also, the interview with Branford can be found in the first 10 minutes or so of this video:

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Re: Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#100732 2 years, 10 months ago
Great stuff (all 4 parts of the video). It always amazes me how young branford appears to be. And how intelligent and worldly he is at such a young family.

And I agree with what Branford said in this clip, after I saw him play with the GD (I was lucky enough to see him at least twice) I became a fan of his and his family group, plus also a fan of his brothers stuff. Lots of great stuff on Pandora if you type "Marsalis". I grabbed a lot from there for my ipod.
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Re: Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#101268 2 years, 10 months ago
Someone who opened for the dead called it the deadhead curse I think. You play a few gigs and then forever you start seeing tie dye shirts more and more. Is it a good thing? Not always clear I think was the artist's reflection. We def. add something to a mix that, if it was not there before, certainly changes things, like drug arrest numbers.... lol.
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Re: Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#101295 2 years, 10 months ago
Great interview, thanks for posting it!
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Re: Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#103927 2 years, 9 months ago
Noticed this under a YT vid entitled "The Day Jerry Garcia died", and I too wondered about that set that Branford played with Eubanks et al. Fusion is pretty great imo. thanks for doing the leg work and sharing the link, I saw the 4 parts of the series, which were lengthy but at parts, pretty great. You gotta love nugs.net:

(Home of my first and only NYE 12.31.2001 w/ Derek Trucks Band w Tedeschi, and Rat Dog opening for the Phil and Friends, 3 set + encore release from the heavens, good heavens, what sound that set. ....doesn't really come thru on the nugs files, but, there are probably better aud's out there. Still my favorite No More Do I. And having Billy back in the fold, along with his 2 GD brothers, on stage with Phil was pretty fun and a priceless good times. The night before is on there too, and was also legit).

Good find MJ...also makes for a fun stream sometime soon, as I have not had time or inclination to have heard the 90 NYE yet anyway. Did want to make it to the 03 & 04 Dead NYE but that didn't happen....which in hindsight was a blessing...

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Re: Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#103963 2 years, 9 months ago
Hey very nice. <8 branford hes the man.
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Re: Branford Marsalis and the X-Men Open for the Dead

#104008 2 years, 9 months ago
Kevin is a sick ass guitarist. The tonight show was complete with his presence, his skills are way up there. Im gonna google the xmen trio with Marsales. it must be sick. Has branford and Melvin seals played together?? , sure they have. how about trey, phil, branford , page mcConnell' , and Kevin Eubanks (and not the tonight Show band)lol !!! melvin and Branford....Id loose my shit if i heard those two fine gentlemen jammin. LOOSE MY SHIT !!!


This sounds really cool...!!! Thanks for sharin > the groove


I had to post this as well simply cause the comment on utube on how Kevin Eubanks looks like David Chapelle. lol. dave looks like kevin alot. 1:40. Is that a Jerry necktie Kevin?....im preetty sure it is!!)) Must of been a gift from Jerry, or Branford via Jerry.lol... or maybe he just paid for it at MACY's. once in awhile u can git shwn the lght
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