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Catfish John in a blues style....check it out

#100637 2 years, 10 months ago
I was jammin run run rudolph and was still in that chuck Berry mood and kept goin. I think the version i did of Catfish John was really fun and not bad. I like the reggae/new orleans sound better for the song, but this is pretty fun though...check it out. I was too lazy to cut the jam all up so you can turn off the viewing after Catfish john...the rest aint really good i was only practicing....and its all without a pick so listen at your own risk. Also tom petty(gotta move on), Black peter, wolfmans brother, althea, black throated wind tease, bird SONG tease,eyes of the world, miss half step tease, runaway JIM !! and walkin on sunshine..!!! LiberTY tease....Top of the morn to you ALL!!
I have more xmas shppin to do. oj, coffee, sour diesel .....and away...

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