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To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100369 2 years, 10 months ago
I've been saying that Furthur needs to do an 8 night run at Beacon for a while now. After a tour with a PATHETIC showing by the fans, leaving arenas half-full, it is time for Furthur to hone down and play intimate shows in the places where they will sell out. I thought Furthur had a huge draw, but the fact is that they just don't. That is, except in NYC. There are 8 nights on this run. ALL OF YOU can get tickets to some of the shows if you want them. After having THREE chances to get tickets, I came out with Fri, Sat, Sun, Tue, and Wed tickets. 4 each on Sun, Tue, and Wed. If you forgot to wake up to your alarm clock, that is your fault. There is nothing going on "behind the scenes" to keep tickets away from you. The only thing happening is a great band is playing in a small venue. There are more fans in NYC than there is space in Beacon. You'll get UBalc day of show no problem except on Fri, Sat, and maybe Wed.

I am SO EXCITED for my favorite band to play a sick run of shows in the place where they should have been taking residence all along. HA--SF couldn't even sell out three nights. Seriously, I don't know why they don't play New Years here at Best Buy, Beacon, or MSG. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved the New Years show here in the next year or so.

Furthur has done SO MUCH for all of us. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU has had a show in your backyard this year. How many other fans of bands could say that? Did you know that Pearl Jam fans in the South have been neglected for years? So many fans never get to see their favorite band and yet these 60+ fellas have driven by bus to EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS COUNTRY, INCLUDING MONTANA!!!!!!! For ANY OF YOU to complain about ANYTHING is RIDICULOUS!!! One of the reasons why I live in NYC as opposed to anywhere else is so that I can see all of my favorite bands often. Don't compare your city to NYC. It's just a fact that we get every act always. So when Furthur decides they are tired of driving across the country and need to relax with their friends and families for 8 nights in NYC, consider it a GIFT. They didn't even have to do a spring tour. OF COURSE they will be coming back to you in the summer and fall.

. . . that is, if you actually even buy the tickets. It must suck for them to play at half empty arenas. And embarrassing for them to have to cancel a show because of poor ticket sales.

ENJOY BEACON EVERYBODY!!! I PROMISE YOU WILL ALL GET INTO A FEW SHOWS FOR BELOW FACE VALUE. So what if you can't go to Saturday night? That night is all hype anyways.

The people who have all those tickets up on Stubhub are called scalpers, not "inside job conspirators." They bought tickets quicker than you and are capitalizing on the hype of the shows. Come April, you'll get tons of tickets for cheaper. Except Fri, Sat, and Wed (last night.)

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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100371 2 years, 10 months ago
Thank goodness for this thread and you. There aren't enough threads already in progress about this subject. Each person on the forum should have their very own thread to feel like they're being heard; each person saying pretty much the exact same thing, yet somehow feeling like they're an illuminating force.
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100375 2 years, 10 months ago
I'm a New Yorker too. I have no complaints about Furthur playing this particular venue. Getting tickets is an issue though. Ticket M is Pure Skullduggery Volume II though. You're wrong on that. I know someone who knows someone. . ..

GSTS was a great way for fans to score tickets but not as good as it was.


I do not know what's happening 'inside' there.

Here are a couple of posts of mine regarding all of this with possible solutions proposed please let me know what you think:

deadegad wrote:
I recall buying tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Continental N.J. in 2005 (??) and at that time TM had a bidding function for better seats. You placed a bid for the better seats and when the time clock of a week, I guess, ran out, you won or lost.

The good thing was that it seemed to take the steam out of Scalper Resell market because the cost had already gone up on the tickets to what people were willing to pay.

Now there are pros and cons to be sure and I can hear the screaming here from the middle of next week about Greedy F-ing Bob & Phil ( don't see it that way myself).

This might be a method to ensure 'we' can get in even if it costs us more $.

Bottom line: Something's got to give from what's happening now.

God Bless All Here & Furthur!

That option above has good potential to get tickets from scalpers/TM to fans but it cost more.

deadegad wrote:
I do not fault the band for wanting to play a cool small venue and 'stretch' over a multii night stand and avoid the rigors of traveling night after night at their age.

There are couple of problems as we all know.

One is that its great for people in or near New York, or people with the time and money to get there.

If Furthur continues playing, let's hope so, then multi night stands without the extensive traveling seems the way to keep it healthy for them. With that in mind, if they continue then it would be a great idea for them to announce just that and that they plan multi night runs in key geographical areas with perhaps a satellite show or two in order to assure people outside N.Y. and S.F that they will get a chance to hear the magic. This would reduce scalper value on this Beacon ,CT,MA run. I'm sure the scalpers can get more because there is a lack of opportunity; i. e. , other shows in other place, to see this great, great band.

I would urge Furthur's management to consider this.

It would help a lot of music hungry Heads here who are 'jonesing' for their next batch of notes.

The TicketBastard-Scalper multi headed Hydra Monster that is something I wish Furthur and others could do more about. I do not know what's happening inside the band and their management but the demise of GDTS is sad.

Yet I do not think Bob and Phil and Co. are at all apathetic to this.

The Mega Millions Lotto is up to 152 million if I win I'll hire Furthur to play some shows for everyone here. You got to buy me a couple of beers inside though.

Above is a way for Furthur to reassure fans outside of us lucky ones here in N.Y.C. that they'll get to them sooner or later.

I do not know the exact tour stats venue by venue on whether it sold out or not and that's why only New York shows are the only option. Do you have hard facts or just a plausible guess? That's not meant as an insult BTW.

Another poster mentioned they Tom Waits Dylan approach of you buy one ticket at the door and that's it.

I love Furthur and do not fault Bob or Phil at all and happy for these Beacon shows.
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100394 2 years, 10 months ago
I will see all of you for the whole run at The Beacon and still need Friday tix but WILL GET them. Thanks for the nice thread but Furthur NEEDS TO PLAY MICHIGAN then I can say I have seen them in my backyard, but I will go wherever I have to go to see them when I can swing it. Luckily I am doing all 11 spring shows, so bring them on!
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100399 2 years, 10 months ago
In no way am I complaining about the Beacon run... I am coming from Oregon to go after all! Of course that us why I really want to get in for Saturday for my own personal 4 night run. But not worried- never been shut out of a show.

I love the smaller venues but only when I am inside!
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100401 2 years, 10 months ago
I believe there was only one person complaining. He wasn't even going. I think he left the forum. Im going the first 2 nights. See you in nyc.
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100447 2 years, 10 months ago
I'm so thankful i got 2 nights and i'm fairly optimistic i'll be able to find an extra for friday and saturday
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100454 2 years, 10 months ago
I predict that there will be tickets available for most of the shows, closer to showtime.
The weekend shows may be more difficult. But if you are persisitant, you'll find em.
And please, don't buy from scalpers. That only makes things worse.
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100455 2 years, 10 months ago
lol what major act cant fill a 3000 seat theater??? Especially in a city where 30,000 people live within 10 blocks! The NYE SF run may sell out, no one will know for sure until they happen. Either way, the first two nights will still be packed. BGCA fits about 4x as many people as the becon. And the NYE run will never leave SF so keep wishing. And when has Furthur ever cancelled a show due to lack of ticket sales??? State College was not becasue of lack of ticket sales. Furthur could sell out the Berkeley Greek for an 8 night run in thier sleep and there is a fraction of the amount of people in the immediate area than anywhere in NYC. why they dont book it, I dont know. Yes, when they play a outdoor west coast venue with unlimited lawn seats they sometimes dont sell out. What shows on last tour were half full? Montana? SLC? Red Rocks, Vegas, LA, Monterey, Cuthbert were all packed. Gimme a break and get off your high horse
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Re: To All Those Complaining About Beacon, Etc.

#100457 2 years, 10 months ago
and I also dont understand in what world this run of shows can be called a tour.
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