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Bad Santa

#100110 2 years, 10 months ago
If you have not seen this movie go and get it. It's great. Hilarious!
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Re: Bad Santa

#100123 2 years, 10 months ago
you are so right,i laugh my ass off every time
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Re: Bad Santa

#100134 2 years, 10 months ago
Badder Santa Unrated is even funnier
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Re: Bad Santa

#100275 2 years, 10 months ago
my brother's wife's sister is married to the guy who directed this movie. He is one trippy dude.
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Re: Bad Santa

#100286 2 years, 10 months ago
i got the box set . trilogy . all santas are Bad. and the whole world, has 2 ansa my prayers once agean, and im sayin...u bad?

its hilarious. i love funny movies. i just bought rise of the apes...best buy 16.99. also got xbox legend of the guardians, and the Green lanterN. both 19.99
the planet of the apes looks good i'm pretty damn excited its not funny. im sure there are really happy and funny things here and there. but only about 20 percent of the flick. its a sad truth. the movies are just amazing in depicting the choice of cruelty by treating less than human if animal. or less animal if human. just more than mindblowing of a concept. and the action inthis film must be superb. and the picture. its a happy truth. its a choice made in the end anyway. be kind and its so easy, thats the sad truth. i wish more and more zoos become more respectful to the natural habitats of the animal. or just give them descency. the philadelphia zoo is not what it should be. first , on a long list...the cheetas cant run 20 mph without running into a cobblestone wall. its insulting to them, but more so for the humans who have them like that for me to enjoy, more insulted of my race.
no where on the planet should this bee. u see, zoos are not good. ok no animal confined. but thats here nor there, the san diego and cincinatti zoos have ampel space. and not MUCH more just enough to form a descent Respect for the animals. I want kids to be enjoying the sight of cheetas darting across a field running 65 mph and playin. that would be cool to see. to see them laying down, not because theyre tired , but obviously because they have noWhere to RuN...its a guilty feelin and embarrasemnt that my race , the people i paid to see the animals.....chose to do it in a very unenjoyable way. the prarie dog exhibit in philA. is unbelievably small. there are about 20 dogs in a space about 17 ft by 17 ft. i saw a program on dogs and they love to run. and they do in the desert. its insulting to see. its heartbreaking the beauty it can be. and i hope it wheel someday soon.
The zoo wants to keep it there cause its the oldest zoo in the country....and moving it from the particular space will then result in no longer beiing the oldest zoo. But phila. is 9th on the top ten. Moving it to a spacethats somewhat reflective of the animals natural habitat with some breathing room would surely help . And the old space can be used for bike trials and fountains . on the edGe of Fairmont parks and rec . the swan boats need to go. but the carousel and horses should stay. the horses should definately have more room to hit the horse trails, not the riding /walking paths. prarie dogs need rocks and grass, not a sandbox. The eagles netted cage asks if the bald eagle really is our countries mascot....how sad !!! No room to even glide. and the gorilla is the worst. he is in a glass room. sitting there looked at. and thats a reaaly mean thing to do....for him. hes in captivity...and its rubbed in his face!! not good. not enjoyable as it could be for him , and us.

and the giraffees . we know how they RRUUNN . they cant even gallop a 15 mph! the hippos next door were really cute swimming, they make do with what they have, but just a litle more space would crooss that line of respect, and insulting and degrading and just SAD and PATHETIC.
but its the oldest zoo. wish i could call up rockafeller and some land come up donated. and then fences get hung and the polar bear, and the other bears.will not be pacing thier "enclosures".....we really can do so much better. and there are hundreds all over the country that make PhilA. look very good. We as a race should have it illegal to display animals to humans in a manner where the word respect is not present.
the lion exhibit. just that, an exhibit . not seeing them in a normal or evn half nornal setting!! i hope more zoos aRE LIKE GREAT ADVENTURE SAFARI and sandiego zoos and ohio's zoo. we cant display an animal like a goddamn picture in a strorefront window!




this looks nice. and the space doesnt need to be bigger than the can see. but less is not humane to keep them in.
"they actually arent dogs, they are burrowing rodents."....oh wow that is hilarious how he says that line. sounds like the dad on the cartoon Hank on king of the hiLl..."bobby, theys there is rodents, danggit bobby they arent dowgs. ya cant just be pettin em end all . just sounds like Hank when he says "theyre not actually dogs". it's normal setting for the animal to live in though 4 sure. beter than a sandbox size space

ok i should of strted my own thread and this one is about a funny black guy with a similar character as George jefferson...love it. Billy bob thorton is hilarious as santa. And the little fat nephew of his always calling him Santa is so funny..."Would ja stop callin me Santa kid"..thorton says....HilariouS !!!
but i digress, excuse my branching off from not even the topic, but my buying planet of the apes(Rise of the ).
just found this....i love this woman, she is so spot on...
she dumped a vegan once for being too boring.. thats funny. And well written. check it out. thanks . merry x mas Mo fos !!!
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