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Water's Edge

#100032 2 years, 10 months ago
Water's Edge

People will tell you that they can catch the wind. Don't believe them.
But I have caught the wind. And ridden it out past the water's edge.
To heights unseen past visions feigned.
Where the very essence of dreams are both manufactured and destroyed.
I have traveled alone and well accompanied
With the constant companionship of loneliness and dread
I keep no secrets from you now, except those I choose not to tell
I have none of the facts but all of the truth
None of the morality but all of the right
The wind that sets me aloft blows through us and between us
And scatters your memory, like ashes.
Did she look into your eyes and promise you that this moment would never end?
Did you live your life forgetting what no man has ever known?
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