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#82738 2 years, 11 months ago

i need a ride from syracuse>atlantic city. but the thing is i cant leave right after the show, as in not during the night just hours after the syracuse show is over. i need some time- til morning to get all the cans (recycling) in the lot and cash them in, work all nite so i can make my little teeny bit of money, then i can leave. so im looking for peeps who are planning to go to the syracuse show, go to a motel or a party or some family or friends house or something while i do my recycling work at the lot and then later in the morning/noon/hotel checkout time meet up w me back at the lot or at their hotey (i can get to where u r anywhere from the syracuse lot on the public transit busses) then be on our way out of town to atlantic city. please call me 732-217-1269. i will not be checking the msgs here after today since i dont have a computer. i do have a phone tho so call me please. bless up.
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