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The wheels are muddy, got a ton of hay

Looking for rider to go halves in AC

#78906 2 years, 11 months ago
I will be in Atlantic City and taking the train from Philly. When i arrive I will probably hit the casino for about 20 minutes and then make my way to the boardwalk. I am not sure what casino i will be at, prob Ceasars, but if anyone would like to go halves on a bike cart from the casino to the venue..Im looking for riders. If we split 4 ways, we can take a larger cart. I like to take this mode of transportation because its very relaxing and my feet hurt. (it hurts me too). my feet that is. lol
So we have a week to plan this out...any riders out there...your gonna miss me when im gone...so get back asap for time and location of cart ride. least i'll be enjoyin the ride. thankx

this video is random , but as you can see there are plenty cart around....most can fit 4 riders !!!


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