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Mickey after tour!

#7766 3 years, 6 months ago
..... so I'm a touch bummed (only a touch because I got my Phil, Bobby etc... @ Bos, CT ending my run with a bang @RCMH) that I won't be seeing you all in Orlando because we will be @ DISNEY on our family vaca. with kiddos and dad, but I was thinking that it would sure be nice to see fellow heads in the parks. I know many of you might despise this idea, but if you are at all inclined post it up here! I've researched least crowded parks during the week that we are here....(leaving today!!! : )), as I choose to wait in lines for no longer than 10 minutes max.

Sunday 4-3 MK, EP, or AK

Monday 4-4 EP

Tuesday 4-5 MK or AK

Wednesday 4-6 MK, EP or DS

Thursday 4-7 EP or AK

Friday 4-8 DS or AK

Saturday 4-9 EP or AK

Sunday 4-10 MK or AK

If you'd like to eat in any of the parks I recommend going to guest relations and asking them to get you a reservation or walk in and do be pushy as reservations are hard to get last minute there. I know it's a pricey place to get your kicks at and b4 kids was going to boycott them for life.... I changed my mind. In some weird way it's the antithesis of the GD world but equally pleasing for my 3 and 6 year old who did ask me why we were not going to Furthur in Orlando... I said... "Vibes honey"
Feel free to post a msg here and I can do my best to give my opinion on Dis stuff... restaurants, rides etc... I will be with my pops (who will be scooter bound), hubby John and kiddos in a dark blue double jogger stroller. Please look for us and say Hi!!!! : )

Peace and <3

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