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#37262 3 years, 4 months ago
I GOT a tattoo of bobby and phils autographs on my ass cheeks, and i got more bugs than bob marley. lol. just my attempt at making fun. what happened to the dude with the bob and phil autograph tats. that is the lamest shit i a have ever seen. i meen, a stealie, a dancing bear, not for me but i understand why you would get that tatooed, or any art really. but to get tattooed on your body what some guitarist scrawled on your arm in haste is in poor taste.
not the worst tat i have ever seen/heard of though.
i dated a grrl with FREE SHIT knuckle tats, but it never got finished so on hand said FREE and the other just had the SH and part of the I. damn i got good taste in chicks.
im serious about wanting free furthur tix rv and a grrlfriend though, i mean hell why stop there, i could use some gas money, and some GOOD doses cause all that shit with just 1-2 hundred mikes is disco hit shit, i shouldnt have to take a ten strip to get off.
i digress.
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