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Need a responsible tour partner for 1st 1/2 fall

#32074 3 years, 4 months ago
OK so I kicked down for tickets for Eugene through Red Rocks and I've procured a Honda Odyssey minivan to use. I'll be driving from Santa Fe to Tucson to pick up the van, then on to Eugene, Missoula, West Valley then Red Rocks and then probably back to Santa Fe. That's about as much time as I can take off from work realistically. I'd love to do the whole tour but I'm not 20 anymore. I have to pay the mortgage.

I'd be in for a ride share, preferably a hot fun chick to spilt gas/road time. That might be a pipe dream but hey, you don't get what you want in life unless you ask right? I snore a bit so heavy sleepers will be preferable. I have no felonies or convictions and I can't smoke due to random testing at work but I don't GAF if you do. I'll have two small dogs with me and likely the van will be the place to sleep. It's not as comfy to sleep in as my 77 camper van was back on tour in the late 80's/early 90's but it'll have to do. It cruises nicely on the highway at least. Probably gets better mileage than the camper bus did.

To add, we'll have a place to stay in CO at Red Rocks as we will be meeting up with some friends there and one of them lives not terribly far from Morrison. Not right there but it's close enough for this purpose. I also booked 3 days camping in Eugene, as well as night in Missoula, and SLC today so we are set for camping. All places have showers.

Hit me up if you're interested.
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