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Looking for 2 for Port Chester either day.

#308989 8 months ago
We're always late!!! But, My papa has made it out to the Capitol, I have yet to experience that grate room. So, when we missed every other Ratdog show, I wanted to try to grab up for at least Port Chester!! So if theres any extras floating around....... last time he went without a ticket, he did not have a real good time so if I can get my hands on a couple, he won't be able to tell me no....

And, I know this won't earn me any points but I am very excited!!
We have two new members of the family growing inside of me!!
Hunter and Rider our twin boys are due to arrive in the world sometime in mid July, which for the last 3 years has been our never miss summer Furthur show but, We get to have our own show this summer!

Love you guys, and thank you to the streamers who have kept us all on the road with the music wherever it has landed!
Especially this Ratdog tour, I have not heard Bobby sound so good since I had my first Bobby crush a couple years back when I became a devoted head, and though we have not caught a Ratdog show yet, we won't be sour if we miss it this round...I could always try to convince him we need truck it up to Buffalo

Thank you!!!
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