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song of the saw whet owl

paradise waits, but not for much longer

#300316 10 months ago
hey now,

if you've been waiting til the midnight hour to make a decision, find a roommate or choose your preferred candidate (lord knows there's more than a few of waiting for a miracle), well it's pretty much decision time. as we all know, tomorrow is the deadline for finalizing all reservations and I'm guessing that this process will be more than just a 10 minute phone call. so it's time to lay those cards on the table.

for the lucky 2500 (hoping to be one of them); have the trip of your lifetime! for everyone else, let's hope for a stream!

you can look around about the wide world over
you'll never find another honest man

ok brain! you don't like me, and i don't like you, but just get me through this and i'll go back to killing u slowly with sweet sweet beer
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