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#292244 11 months, 3 weeks ago
Hi friends. My girlfriend and I are booked at a resort nearby in the hope that we will be able to buy a cancelation space from someone who doesn't want to share their room but would like to save some money and help a nice couple of dead heads have their dream vacation. We will be at the capital theatre Thursday and Friday if you are in a position to help and would like to discuss it. We have an all inclusive suite within walking distance of the Hard Rock. I am fluent in Spanish and know my way around the sites of Cancun - a tour guide, chauffeur and translator for you if you can help! We know this is a long shot - if nothing comes of it - it is a nice week to get away from the northeast, somehow I believe that we will get the miracle we are hoping for. Please, please, please keep your ears open and let us know if any space in any party comes available. Just to be clear - if 1 space in a triple opens up - we would buy it and not even use the room - If 2 spaces in a quad - same thing. If a total cancelation well of course we'd be happy to stay on site and cancel our other resort. If you have a choice in who can come to this party, you can't go wrong with us, we are friendly, helpful and happy dead heads, what more could you ask for (in a public forum)?
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