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This was a reply to Denverman\'s post which started a new thread:

I agree that people should not be trolling a fan site to try to make money off of fans. The fan sites should be all about fans helping other like minded folk out when possible, however The USA (I am not a citizen) and Canada (I am a citizen) are free market capitalist countries, and prices are usually driven by the laws of supply and demand. As long as people are willing to pay 2x or 3x face value for a ticket, then you can\'t blame someone for willing to accept that much. When you walk into a store, you\'re not bitching at the store owner for marking up his prices. It\'s your choice whether or not to pay for anything that you feel has been priced too high. It just sucks when we are dealing with an item that is in limited circulation like concert tickets with a maximum capacity. Best way in trying to control the secondary market is to not use them until their prices drop to what is considered reasonable, however for that system to work, EVERYONE needs to be on board.

Scalpers do suck, but would we think they sucked if they were forced to sell the tix at face or even slightly below face?
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