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Hey Now, Ride to NJ PNC from NYC Today!

#269532 1 year, 3 months ago
Hey there folks,

well a sweeet 2nd set in brooklyn and tour is onnn. Only problem, my sister is keeping the car in NYC and not moving on ot NJ haha. Well thats fine, she got her fill, but i sure didnt.
So is anyone from the NYC area driving to the PNC tonight? Im with my cousin, we each have a modest amount of bags, a few beers and a good time ahead!

Currently we are in the lower east side at a friends apartment, but my cousin whos doing the run with me, is from france and last night cruising in (late) from upstate, was his first time in NY! So we are probably gunna wonder around a little bit and check out some new yorky things around midday.

Of course we can meet anywhere in the area what was subways and all that good jazz. Just hoping to avoid taking the bus down to NJ as it drops off another 5 miles from the venue, and well, i dont the drivers a head

So let me know, we can chip in for gas and tolls and good times!
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