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Mann Center, Philadelphia

#265709 1 year, 4 months ago
I've never been to the Mann Center in Philadelphia. Where do folks hang out before and after the concert?
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Re: Mann Center, Philadelphia

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The Mann Center sits up on a hill and is surrounded by a few grass lots. As you drive in ($15) the main lot is on the right and then you drive by the traffic circle with statues in the middle and there are a couple smaller lots separated by a street which is where Shakedown street is located(which the cops shut down last year). Last year Alex drove the Golden Arrow to the show with the FFF flag flying high above which was easy to find. This will be my 4th year in a row for Furthur at the Mann Center, its a pretty cool venue, just be on the look out for rowdy deer cruising the lot and check back with the Forum for more detailed meetup spots.
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Re: Mann Center, Philadelphia

#266013 1 year, 4 months ago
the Kind, Disabled / Handicap Park Lot :

For the past two summer shows, the Mann parking lots for the disabled and their caregivers* opened at 5pm. Have your handicap placard on display and just ignore any "LOT FULL" signs and drive up to the first barricades. The Phila Motorcycle Officers will move them aside and wave you in. Move forward and bear right when given a choice. Your goal is the Back Stage/RiGHT area. You will have quite a view as your car slowly snakes past The Circus that Is In Town, maybe thru some more barricades just move forward and closer. Eventually you will see the venue's roof. Stay on the road, past the balloon people, and just before the back-stage is a hill on the right-hand side with a poorly defined entrance.

Flash your placard to go up a hill and park on the Disabled Plateau of Kindness w Free Parking and "5pm Fresh Johnny-on-the-Spots"

If you are going to wait for a CD pick-up after the show, the Exit Gate for this lot is also where that Furthur CD nTee Shirt booth is.
So if your inside n facing the stage, the exit to this parking lot and line for CD lick-up are located toThe LEFT Side of the Stage

* caregivers: any person able to fit inside the car and wear a seat belt
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