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VA to Portchester for last 3 shows

#249166 1 year, 5 months ago
Driving up to Portchester from Richmond, VA for 23rd,24th, and most likely 25th shows at Capitol Theater. My wife & I might consider giving 1 or possibly 2 people laid back kind persons on the way a ride if they can share Traveling expenses(Gas & Tolls) and possibly go in on a decent hotel (optional). If this sounds interesting to u shoot me a P.M. and we can exchange #'s etc. We have tix for 23rd & 24th and r looking for 25th Thanks.
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Re: VA to Portchester for last 3 shows

#249634 1 year, 4 months ago
I am doing the same, already have a train ticket up, and plane ticket back, nut I too live in Richmond and might be willing to bail on the train. PM me back if you want to meet up for a ber or something after work one night this week. If all elese fails we can aleays plan to meet up aroundf the venue once we both get in town.
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