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Going to CO shows from SF

#229215 1 year, 9 months ago
I am going to the CO shows from SF and it looks like it will probably be cheaper for me to fly out there as im hoping i can crash with friends. However if i take my van i can sleep in the back which is infinitely more convenient for me. the only way driving will be cheaper than flying for me is to split gas evenly between myself and three other people.

if i drive id like to take a litte trip, and see the great salt lake and maybe camp somewhere for a night in utah or wyoming. so might be looking to leave early to give a couple days for a leisurely drive.

so if there are three people that can start out if the SF bay or close to it, and want to take a little road trip please pm me.
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Re: Going to CO shows from SF

#229618 1 year, 9 months ago
I can't come down, it's plain to see.
I can't come down, I've been set free.
Who you are, and what you do,
don't make no difference to me.
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