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How can I thank Bob?

#115724 2 years, 9 months ago
Hey there...anyone know the best way to thank Bob..for the Ratdog gig...and everything he is doing? I am trying to figure out how to get the music to shut-in's...i think TRI is a beginning..but i need to hook the right online venues...i want to support bringing music to shut-in's...folk that dn't have a way out the door, but who can dance in their own space if the music came home to them...not just shut-in deadheads..but anyone who cannot get out...this IS is my place and my way of bringing some cheer to folk that cannot get uit/..i just watch.. if knew how to get the attention of bobbie and phil and mickey and billy...just to get the music to those who cannot get out and part0-take...

my dream..music for shut-in's //// that is all.. bring the music to those who cannot get up and get it....but those who still need to dance...

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