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Golden Arrow Phil & friends roadtrip

#110805 2 years, 9 months ago
A number of people have asked if the Golden Arrow was going to Phil and Frends in Feburary. I dont have an Easy Answer. Currently I am still in San Francisco enjoying the good weather and the community. If I make the haul to Broomfield, I would be departing from here at least 2 days before the show dates. After the shows I will probably head south to the lands of enchantment to do some spirit work, vision quests, and shamanic practices. Then in April head to Boston (via Kansas City to pick up a couple of friends ). And go on the Furthur tour . If I can get 4 people to go to Colorado at $300 each we can make it happin. The best case senario would be all 5 of us leave from the bay area. After the shows riders can fly back home from Denver or for a nominal fee stay with me on the Golden Arrow until the spring tour. Anyone interested?
The turmoil of today has caused me to reevaluate my values .I dont want to be a part of the collective nightmare in mainstream society. I want to be with people that embrace my dreams and offer me hope. And believe in a world where all living beings live in peace love and harmony. Thank you Furthur Family.
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Re: Golden Arrow Phil & friends roadtrip

#110966 2 years, 9 months ago
i hope you find some folks who are interested. would love to see you at the shows there man! broomfield is great.
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: Golden Arrow Phil & friends roadtrip

#111055 2 years, 9 months ago
I think I got a message from you saying you were on your way to Colorado????!?!?! Or maybe you will be!

Either way lets get together at the shows! And if you need a place to stay I got you brother!
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Re: Golden Arrow Phil & friends roadtrip

#112739 2 years, 9 months ago
im possibly interested. i live in the bay area so leaving will be no problem, but i dont know how id make it back from CO...with tickets plus $300 for the ride plus travel expenses i couldnt afford a train ride back to the bay area

i dont really have any ideas how it would work with you going wherever you are going until spring tour, but figured id put it out there...if there's some free or cheap way for me to get back home(bay area), then id love to go

also would like to hear plans for wanee!
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Re: Golden Arrow Phil & friends roadtrip

#113187 2 years, 9 months ago
I looked it up for you DL:

The greyhound from Denver to san fran is only $89.00 if you purchase three weeks in advance online, This is how I was able to afford to make it to NYE. from VA to SF for only $130.00 each way.

the train is $129.00 from denver to SF

It ain't a bad ride either, You get to go through the great Salt lake, And RENO! only about 26 hours as the 'hound Fly's

But you gotta make sure to get the tickt atleast 21 days in advance on their website!
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