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miracle mama

i need a miracle everyday


Get your veggie burrito here! haha..


hi·a·tus (hī-ā′təs)
n. 1. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a TEMPORARY break


Thank you all for bein' my friends. (in my most adam sandler waterboy voice possible)

Cosmic Arkie

I think TGR(TUD) is just about the best song ever. I'm just sayin'.

Play Dead!

Denver Man

I know it's silly but this summer tour is driving me craaaazzzyyy!! I don't know if I should just wait for the Fall and hope for the best there or try something this summer uuggghhh! :)


OK, how do you post on someone's wall on this part of the forum?


Scarlet! Robert, my dearest friend, your kindness and awesomeness had me smiling all night. We HAVE known each other for years, just hadn't met yet! See you later!! Beacon show number 1 was killer :)


See you Kind Folks down the road! Geat Grateful! Play Dead !


Save my email Friends and please send me yours
Love to all


Happy New Year everyone. I hope to catch up with some of yas on some east coast shows.


Hot weather and hot Furthur!!!!Great Summer so far!!!!CMAC on Tuesday,who's with me?


sorry, if I don't keep up with this furthur connect, I keep forgetting it's here.